Feoffee Almshouses

The Feoffee Almshouses (Grade II listed building) 1-7 Church Street, Ampthilll.

There are seven almshouses in Ampthill, three at the front and four through the passageway. The front three are the oldest, dating from around 1485. The four at the back are Victorian; all seven are Grade II listed. 

The almshouses are owned and maintained by Ampthill Feoffee Estate Charity (‘feoffee’ being an old English word for trustee). The charity is registered with the Charity Commission and a member of the Almshouse Association.

Almshouses used to be free accommodation but nowadays there is a charge known as a WMC (Weekly Maintenance Contribution). The WMC is set and regularly reviewed by the trustees to try to ensure that the almshouses are financially self-supporting.

To be eligible for one of these almshouses you need to be aged 55 or over, can care for yourself (or have your own support network), have a strong connection with Ampthill, and are in housing need. Although at one time all the residents were women, for a number of years now men have become residents too.

Although they are not linked to a church, the almshouses are located just in front of St Andrews Church, at Church Square on Church Street.

To apply for an almshouse, please click here.