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Code of Conduct for Members - Adopted May 2024 - click here

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Standing Orders 2024-2025 - click here

Standing Orders for Contracts  - click here

Financial Regulations 2024-2025 - click here

Investment Strategy 2024-2025 - click here

JPAG: Practitioners' Guide - Governance & Accountability for Smaller Authorities - March 2024- click here

Committee Structure 2024-2025 - click here

Committee Terms of Reference 2024-2025 - click here

Committee Membership & Outside Representatives 2024-2025 - click here


Powers of  Parish and Town Councils

Town and Parish Council's are governed by an number of statutory instruments.  

Local Council General Power to Spend -   Local councils in England and Wales can rely on general powers to act and spend money unless they are restricted from doing so.  NALC Legal Topic Note 31 provided looks at the scope of these general powers and what councils can and cannot do.  The powers are as follows: (1) S.137 of the Local Government Act 1972 (2) The general power of competence (England, if eligible) (3) The power of well-being (Wales only)